I need to know the Movie ticket's GST rates?


I am getting some of GST rates for the products and other types of services also. But i need to movie ticket’s reviews and GST rates. Did you get the information about that? Please tell me the details here. I am finding those related news in online. I have shared my searching information to my friends and i need the basic ticket rates with GST percentage added. Some of related information is get from my father. I have go to the movie of Bahubali 2 in theater with my friends. They are enjoyed and getting good experience also. I have paid the ticket rates for all. I have sponsored the snacks and cool drinks also. Movie ticket is getting high rate. I have asked with the ticket issuers about that rate. He told the GST rates is added Sir so the rate is increased. That time i decided to collect the GST rates for the entertainment things and other types of ways. Did you get any information about that same? I have asked more people about he GST rates. But no one cannot give proper answers to me.
I have start the searching news about business products GST rates and registration related matters. Government plans and what are the policies are available in business means? I need your points and thoughts about the GST questions and other types of answers about the rates. I am reading the GST articles and journals in online. It is helping me only to know about what is GST? And what are the GST types are available in India. I am getting some knowledge about GST implementation and fixing the rates for the products. I want some tips and valuable thoughts about the GST rates fixing for the products. And please tell me the movie ticket’s GST rates